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Quiver FAQ

How can I start using Quiver?

The best way to start using Quiver is to purchase a card in our Gift Shop. Just pick a card from one of our featured merchants, select a dollar value, and send it as a gift to an email address.

What happens to the Quiver gift card once I purchase it?

If the recipient already has an account, it will appear in the app immediately. Otherwise, an email will be sent explaining how to redeem the gift.

I just received a gift. What do I do?

First, download the app. Then, create an account using the email address that the gift was sent to. The gift will appear on your phone, ready to be redeemed.

How do I redeem a Quiver gift card?

Once you're at the restaurant, choose the card you want to redeem, tap checkout, and then show the code to the server. He or she will then process the payment, just like with a regular gift card.

How is Quiver secure?

Quiver uses randomly-generated single-use tokens for each transaction. This means that the 2D bar code that appears on your phone will be different for each transaction.

What do I do if I lose my phone, or buy a new one?

You can use the email address and password you used to create your account to access your Quiver from any compatible device.

Why do I need to provide an email address?

We ask for an email address in order to identify your Quiver account. In case you need to access your Quiver from a different device, you'll need to provide your email and password. This helps us ensure that your data is always secure and accessible. It also allows other users to send gifts to your account.

What mobile devices is Quiver compatible with?

Quiver is currently available on all Apple and Android devices as well as any BlackBerry device version 5 and higher. Your device must have an active internet connection to use Quiver.

Are there any fees?

Quiver is free to download and completely free of any additional charges.

Can I use Quiver without an internet connection?

The current version of Quiver requires you to have an active internet connection to use the application.

Will I get a receipt?

Quiver keeps a log of all card transactions, which you can view inside the application. No paper version will be provided.