load up your Quiver

How Quiver Works

Send a Gift

The best way to start using Quiver is to purchase a card in our Gift Shop. Just pick a card from one of our featured merchants, select a dollar value, and send it as a gift to an email address.

Add a Card

If you have a plastic card that is compatible with Quiver, you can replace it by adding it to your Quiver. Choose "Add Card" from the menu and then enter the number you see on the card.

Scan Your Phone

At some locations, payment is made even quicker and easier with bar code scanning. Simply hold your phone six inches above the reader and then complete your transaction as usual. At these stores, you can also reload your Quiver card at the till and use it each time you come back.

Checkout with Multiple Items

Once you have something in your Quiver, you can select it to add it to the Checkout. This way you can redeem a treat while you use a card to pay. The button below the bar code tells you what items you've selected.

View Receipts and Track Points

Whenever you complete a Quiver transaction, a receipt will appear immediately on your phone. Afterwards, you can even view a full transaction history. Merchants can also use Quiver to offer loyalty rewards and coupons. You can see these by selecting "View Treats."